Christmas / New Year Greeting [… and laugh !!]


 We all wish you all a Very Merry [and Special !!!] Christmas, ……… and a Safe, Rewarding, Prosperous and Happy New Year for 2014 !!!

 You need to have some background info – to really appreciate this year’s Christmas message …… so check out the link below first of all. A Volvo advert, displaying the awesome strength and balance of Jean-Claude Van Damme !! [Volvo maintain that this feat was achieved without any “bail out” or safety net !!].

 Then …. in his inimitable fashion …. the “Mighty” Chuck sends us this memorable Christmas message ….. in a clear message to Jean-Claude – “that’s not a split, Van Damme ….. THIS is a Split !!!”

 ….. and may you continue laughing all of your way through 2014 !!!

 Take care … and have a great festive season !!!


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