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The most common events we facilitate:

  •  Catch (I provide instruction on how to catch) / Create and Dine Master-class (optional with a favourite Celebrity Chef)

  •  “Sustainable Catch, Prepare and Dine Onboard” Events or Charters

  •  Seafood Function Engagements

  •  Speaking Engagements

  •  Charities and Fundraisers

Generally, I’m often booked two to six months in advance…although I try to make an additional effort where circumstances require it, particularly with regard to promoting sustainability or assisting charitable organisations.

Where pricing is applicable, the pricing is P.O.A due to the many variables which may be involved. We are happy to create a bespoke experience to suit your needs.

Please note I am able to organise interstate events, including special charters. With sufficient notice, I can organise celebrity chefs to be in attendance….including the Catch/Create and Dine Master-class.

For selected Fundraisers and Charity events there is no fee charged.


Mark Eather

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