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UPDATE September 2012:

The recent debate around the Supertrawler is a prime example of what I’m talking about. I welcome the change in legislation and the scrutiny that’s going to be applied to the fishing authorities and their protocols. This kind of scrutiny is way, way overdue. Massive kudos are due to all concerned who helped make this happen….BUT the very same set of circumstances still apply to EVERY trawler regardless of size. If we are serious about legislating and thereby controlling the devastation that trawlers inflict upon our oceans, then we MUST similarly eliminate all such detrimental fishing operations and practices.

Further, the revelations which will be exposed as the corrupt behaviour is unravelled regarding the circumstances leading to the despicable approval for the FV Margiris to rape our waters, will no doubt expose bureaucratic boffins who are either corrupt, incompetent or both. Please do not give Carte-Blanche confidence to bureaucrats purely because of their position, and perceived integrity.

The contrived, litigious battle that I have endured for the past 10 years (in particular) is living-proof of the above phenomenon.


I am humbled by those of you who have offered me support despite ongoing friction with Marine and Fishing authorities. I am not surprised by efforts to discredit me. I am determined to challenge authorities who can be the instruments of positive change until ethical and sustainable practices are widely accepted and implemented.

As many of you are aware, [for more than 25 years now] …… the harder that I push ‘bureaucratic decision makers’ to be accountable for their incompetent policies – that directly affect sustainability  in our industry …. the more things ‘happen’ to me. As to the actual facts of the charge – I am not allowed to comment [I wish I could be REALLY specific] …. but I am not the least bit concerned, as I have nothing to be concerned about.

In September 2011, Environment Tasmania approached me to assist with a fundraiser, including being the guest speaker, and could I approach Kylie Kwong, along with 3 local signature Chefs to create a seafood plate each for the Dinner to be held on Friday 25 May. This latest “lets discredit Eather” attack on me was sickeningly “provided” to the press the day before the event ….. which by the way, was the same day that the Minister was announcing Aquaculture expansions [against expert advice] and 2 days before the Super Trawler “Margiris” disgrace became public knowledge. The authorities knew full well what I was about to say regarding both issues. Co-incidence ?? …. you can make your own mind up.

It is also worth noting that some chefs/restaurateurs whose motivation is questionable, are taking advantage of recent press articles to make claims about me and also about their being sustainable and ethical in their practices. These people ‘talk the talk’….never actually ‘walk the walk’.

I love this State, and at every opportunity I promote it, and our pristine Seafood. I also love and respect many of its inhabitants …… there are just a few bad eggs that need to be exposed.

“Watch this space” guys !!


Mark Eather

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