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HNY 2020

🎄This years’ Christmas message from Mark Eather Seafood 🎄!

“Individually Line-Caught” – *Marketing Deception*

Imagine a healthy ocean. It is possible

You’ve been told all “Line-caught” is good , right? – No


The start of my Iki-Jime journey from Australia to Japan and back again, many times, thirty-ish years ago. (Pinned Post)

Fish are disappearing, and will be gone by 2048, if we don’t change things

Kylie Kwong has exciting plans for the future

Spanish Mackerel Perfection

Stunning Spanish Mackerel dish at Osteria Lubiana

#produceawards #makeitdelicious 2019

Uni (oo-nee)- let’s #eattheproblem


MSC? It’s an ‘Ecolabel’…right?

Who caught your fish and how?

If not now, then when? If not you, then who? 

The truth hurts #endoverfishing

Beautiful Tasmania, leaves you speechless 

Stop #overfishing

90% of fish and seabirds have plastic in their stomachs

Making choices

Conscience- your choices matter

What MSC-Accredited Prawn trawling can look like – Part 1

Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote. 

It’s not easy to take action, but do it anyway

Iki-jime methodology/stress minimisation, Part 3. The filleting.

Iki-jime methodology/stress minimisation, Part 2

Spam Onigiri anyone?

Iki-jime methodology/stress minimisation 


What legacy are we leaving?


Mark Eather Seafood #teamgoals

Not just talking the talk, walking the walk #sustainable #ethical

Mass-catch techniques are how the cheap ‘Fish of the Day’ or ‘Today’s Special’ gets caught. #yourchoicesmatter #buyethicalandsustainable

Mass-catch techniques are not only unsustainable and unethical, they trash and devalue the fish.

“At the current rate, all commercial fish and seafood could collapse by 2048”- United Nations.

delicious Produce Awards – From the Sea Award 2018

delicous Produce Awards

Words to live by…

Awe-inspiring Mother Nature

How to convey to the consumer the real price of cheap fish Part 2

How to convey to the consumer the real price of cheap fish Part 1. 

Superbugs. Why reducing antibiotic use in Aquaculture (and other animal husbandry) is crucial. Your life may depend on it.

Seals. Cute but troublesome.

How does your choice help the mass-caught unsustainable members of the seafood industry change to genuinely ethical and sustainable methods?

How does that atrocious bycatch even happen? Here’s how…

The target species of this catch was actually SQUID….so where’s the squid?

Be the change you want to see

Mother Nature deserves our protection

Be the change you want to see

This isn’t fishing

Our Happiness Officer

Come along on an Ethical/Sustainable Spanish Mackerel fishing trip

Adjusting the way you view the world

Can you tell what this is?

Mother Nature brings it again

What about Aquaculture? Part 7

What about Aquaculture? Part 6

What about Aquaculture? Part 5

What about Aquaculture ? Part 4

What about Aquaculture? 3 of 7

What about Aquaculture? 2 of 7

What about Aquaculture ? 1 of 7

A change in methods is needed


Beautiful Tasmania

The hidden by-catch you don’t normally see when you order unsustainable seafood

Pick the Ethical fishing method

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delicious. Produce Awards 2018

Finally my side to the story

Shannon Bennett’s seafood restaurant Ike Jime opens in Melbourne

delicious. Produce Awards 2017

Access to Product (Update: No longer available via Calia)

Bans on trawlers in Tasmanian waters!