Stop #overfishing

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There is no doubt plastic is a big issue.

But it’s not the biggest. Climate change and biodiversity are.

Overfishing contributes to both.

“A study in the journal Marine Policy suggests plastic pollution might be reaching a planetary boundary, a term used to describe safe operational environmental limits within which the world can continue to function safely.

Yet, for all the attention given to ocean plastic, it is not the biggest threat to the marine environment. Both climate change and biodiversity loss (much of which is caused by the impacts of overfishing of our oceans) were shown to have exceeded their respective planetary boundaries when the term was first introduced, in 2009. More recent studies also flag CLIMATE CHANGE and BIODIVERSITY as the two CORE planetary boundaries. Excessively exceeding these for a prolonged period could cause rapid and major changes, such as runaway temperature rises or the collapse of important ecosystem functions.”

#overfishing (which severely impacts biodiversity) must be addressed ASAP before it’s too late



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