The Chilean salmon farming industry used more than 450,000 kgs of antibiotics in 2013!

This is a disgrace!

You are all aware of my thoughts on high density Aquaculture … please spend the time to look at this article, and pass this on to everyone that you know. Quite simply, Aquaculture grow-out densities [per enclosure] have quadrupled over the past 20 years – hence the need for antibiotic in the feed !!

We have to have Aquaculture for our future, but it has to be done at optimum densities for the fish to be healthy … and additionally, not to rely on mass caught wild fish stocks to feed them. The Aquaculture Industry has to educate the average punter that genuine sustainable and healthy Aquaculture product is going to cost substantially more. Just like Trawling and other mass catch wild fisheries, Aquaculture companies are getting away with these practices – because the average consumer can’t see it … or begin to understand. Wherever these principles have been utilised in terrestrial [land based] activities – they have been banned, or at least much maligned by consumers !!


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