Bad news. EU subsidises more boat construction…so they can export even more of their overfishing.

Sorry that I have been a bit quiet on the Blog front since the fires, guys, as my time has been at a premium!

I just had to share the following with you all … as it simply defies belief.

In précis, the E.U. directly subsidizes it’s own fishermen to build bigger vessels … so that they can then travel further, and plunder the fisheries of other countries. That’s right … their own fisheries are grossly overfished … so the E.U.’s answer is to  subsidize the building of larger vessels … so that those fishermen can travel to other parts of the globe …. to overfish their stocks !!?? Read more here:

Case in point – the “Magiris” Super trawler debacle in Tasmania last year – and it gets even more ugly when you also take into account that often on their trips south, these ships …. have at times, disgustingly  carried toxic waste cargo to dump in the waters that they are about to plunder …Read more here:

This scenario has been ongoing for many years now – E.U. Vessels already decimating the African fisheries – we collectively need to bring more attention to this farce, and the atrocities that it perpetrates !! Please send this information to everyone on your mail out list, … Cheers, Mark


Mark Eather

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