Hello Friends.
2020. What a year. So many challenges for us all. So many of us have suffered in untold ways.
In deference to this difficult year, I’ve exercised restraint in calling out poor practices.

But as the year ends, 2020 has also given us an indication of how resilient Mother Earth can be if we give her an opportunity to mend herself.
I hope that we can learn some lessons from this horror year and change the way we live.
We are less than 12 years away from not being able to undo our mistakes.
The financial success of the greedy mass-catching fish companies and organisations and

those politicians who answer to corporate interests (whose interests are detrimental to our

frail ecology and contribute to climate change) comes with an UNSPEAKABLE pricetag for our planet.

It’s not too late but we need to act. Now. And no one communicates this better than David Attenborough.
#yourchoicesmatter #knowyourproducer #ethical #ikijime #sustainable

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