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The following Restaurateurs either purchase my product directly from me, or via a selected agent …such as Joto Fresh Fish or Nicholas Seafood in Sydney. Please make sure that you frequent these establishments … These guys walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to sustainable and ethical seafood. I fully endorse them, and they thoroughly deserve your support !!

 Sydney –
Rene Redzepi’s – NOMA (Now closed)
Neil Perry’s – Rockpool   and Rockpool Bar & Grill
Kylie Kwong’s – Billy Kwong
Matt Moran’s – Aria
Tetsuya Wakuda’s Tetsuya’s
Momofuku seiebo
Glass: (Luke Mangan,   Joe Pavlovich)
Seans Panaroma: (Sean   Moran)
Manly Pavilion
Quay Restaurant:   (Peter Gilmore)
Ms. G’s: (Dan Hong)
Marque Restaurant:   (Mark Best)
Duke Bistro : (Nik   Hill)
La Grillade: (Rob   Rubis)
Manta: (Rob Rubis,   Daniel Hughes)
Flying Fish: (Peter   Kuravita, Stephen Seckold)
Melbourne –
 Heston Blumenthal’s- Dinner by Heston
Shannon Bennett’s: Vue de monde , The Lui Bar , Iki-jime , Bistro Vue,  Jardin TanBurnham BeechesThe Piggery Cafe
Park Hyatt – Dane Clouston
Dan Hunter’s Brae
Beatt Cafe
Neil Perry’s Rockpool   Bar and Grill
Andrew McConnell’s Cutler & Co , Supernormal  and Supernormal Canteen
Movida Aqui
 Newcastle –
Apothecary Kitchen
 Perth –
 Neil Perry’s Rockpool   Bar and Grill
  Hobart/TAS –
 Scott Minervini’s Lebrina
 3 Japanese– (Norikazu (Ken), Yuya and Yasuko)
 Stefano Lubiana’s Osteria (Claudio Guidetti)
 Piermont Retreat
 QLD –
  Qualia Hamilton Island: (Alastair Waddell)
  Brisbane Aria: (Matt Moran, Peter Sullivan)
  Palazzo Versace


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