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Foodie Clients 

Currently, I have ‘seafood-loving’ foodie clients (in most states) who love to create seafood dishes and entertain at home … and possess a similar ethos to myself about sustainable and ethically-caught (premium quality) seafood. My product is sourced from all around the country and I determine each week (on a Sunday) what will likely be caught the coming week depending on the weather and the location of the fisherman.

Foodie Clients can have their order delivered to their door …. the fixed additional cost [airfreight and refrigerated courier delivery] is around $20-30 to metropolitan CBD (for orders between 0 –10Kg). If you feel that you would like to have this level of service, please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.

Setting things up is easy:

A very simple process. After completing an Account/Credit Application I will create an account for you. Your email address will be added to our weekly Sunday Weekly Product Overview email which details what seafood will likely be available in the coming week (as availability of product varies from week to week depending on weather and the location of the fisherman). (There’s a bit of looking into a crystal ball to put this email together) You then email us your order with preference(s) following the ordering instructions in my email, we will send you a delivery confirmation with indicative pricing and the delivery will take place to your home/place of work as instructed. You will be emailed an invoice which you will pay electronically via EFT.

Here’s an example of what your order might look like:

Hi Mark, I’d like:

4 portions of barramundi

6 portions white fish

1 dozen half-shell scallops

400g bug tail meat

NOTE I’d like to keep my spend to $ xx including delivery.  (Also add any special delivery instructions…)


Send us an email HERE and we’ll send you the application form to kick things off…or fill you in on any questions you may have.


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