How to Access our Product

The most popular question asked of me is …”so how do I get access to such beautiful seafood”??

Here’s how:


Foodie Clients (delivery to you)

I have long-established relationships with trusted and reliable Couriers in each state – so there is a capability to service most parts of the Country. I’m extremely particular as to who I do business with, very mindful of the plethora of “spin doctors” in the industry who aren’t committed to ethical and sustainable seafood but like to talk about how much they are. I’m always drawn to those that actually “walk the walk”. It has never been “just about the money”– it is far more about supporting those that truly appreciate and understand the value of my ethos and methodology … and of course, the resultant product.

I also have trained fishermen all around our Country, so most species requests can be accommodated, weather permitting.


Mark Eather

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